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Updated: Nov. 28, 2007

Mutt - Quick Reference. 
Since Mutt email client refers to a lot of keyboard shortcuts the below reference summarize information that is available in Mutt manuals.

Mutt Quick Reference v.1.04 - Letter format (pdf file)
Mutt Quick Reference v.1.04 - A4 format (pdf file)

Source file in OpenOffice format.

Source file in OpenOffice format p2

- Markus Maria Miedaner of Germany

Most information is collected from Mutt manuals.
If you would like me to add/expand some entries with any additional information just let me know.
eg. under Patterns in Mutt manual there is an entry:
~d [MIN]-[MAX] messages with ``date-sent'' in a Date range

I've added:
Dates must be in DD/MM/YY format (month and year are optional, defaulting to the current month and year).eg.~d 20/1/95-31/10; -DD/MM/YY all messages before the given date will be selected; DD/MM/YY- all messages after the given date will be selected. You can add error margins to absolute dates. An error margin is the sign (+ or ? or * = + - or < > =), followed by a digit, then by one of the following units: y years; m months; w weeks; d days

Since ordinary user do not use all Mutt commands on a daily basis, such additional information/explanation help new users in command applications until they familiarize themselves with most of them.
If you have anything to add or comment please contact Joseph.

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